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Regardless of what happened to you or even because of you, God's plan for you always has a hope and a future, and it never changes.

Awaken the dormant dreams in your heart and start paving a path toward freedom & healing

Sometimes life smacks us upside the head while we are looking the other way. We get knocked down and struggle to get back up. But your past struggles do not determine your future.
Using the pain of her past, Nicole Crank walks you through the hurdles meant to keep you down, which will, in turn, bring you closer to God. I Will Thrive gives you the courage to look at your past and be able to declare freedom from fear--allowing a daring spirit to rise up in those who have forgotten how to be brave. This freedom awakens the fight that's inside of you to stand up to the enemy and dream again.


If you don’t know Pastor Nicole's story it could be easy to look at how incredibly well put together she is and think that she must have had it easy. But, then you hear her story, and now after reading the gritty details of her story, the abuse, heartache, setback, and more than you think one person can bare… it just leaves you in awe of her resilience but more so, in awe of God and His unwavering love for her…and to know He has that love for me and for all of us. This book is truly a faith builder…it is clarity for any doubt that you can trust the Lord in every situation! Thank you, Pastor Nicole, for pouring out your past pain to help us see the promise…God wants us to Thrive!!
Wow! One of the best books I’ve ever read. Changed my life! Thank you, Nicole. Keep doing what you’re called to do.
This book is going to change Your life. For many years I barely survived my life, a good title for my life was “constant struggle”. I couldn’t understand that God wants much more for me. I looked at other people’s lives and thought that pain and struggle are our destiny. Now I know that Jesus died for us and paid for all the blessings! We can take them by faith only. It was such an excellent reading, Pastor Nicole is preaching soooo moving…she shares very personal things to prove that she knows what she means when she gives us pieces of advice. Remarkable writing style with a good sense of humor. But the preaching is the biggest plus of the book. You must read it if you want to thrive, and if you want to stop struggling in Your life.
Pastor Nicole Crank reveals her humiliating & roller coaster past but also explains how she overcame it! Most pastors would not be this transparent about their lives, by sharing very intimate details of her childhood, teen yrs, & struggles with marriage. It is so captivating! I could NOT put this book down & I do not normally enjoy reading!! I could relate sooooo much to this book, to this pastor. And it shows that if she can overcome, survive & THRIVE, so can I!!! Def grab a box of tissues! The most emotional chapter for me was ch 4, about bullying. She talks about things that most people would never disclose about themselves…that is true courage!!! A MUST READ!! Her bonus material workbook is also amazing!!! Def need both…very thought provoking questions!
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