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Regardless of what happened to you or even because of you, God's plan for you always has a hope and a future, and it never changes.

Awaken the dormant dreams in your heart and start paving a path toward freedom & healing

Sometimes life smacks us upside the head while we are looking the other way. We get knocked down and struggle to get back up. But your past struggles do not determine your future.
Using the pain of her past, Nicole Crank walks you through the hurdles meant to keep you down, which will, in turn, bring you closer to God. I Will Thrive gives you the courage to look at your past and be able to declare freedom from fear--allowing a daring spirit to rise up in those who have forgotten how to be brave. This freedom awakens the fight that's inside of you to stand up to the enemy and dream again.


Hi God One more thing is an excellent source of wisdom as well as guidance that I utilize in my everyday life. I am reminded that even in the most complicated situations all I need is to share my situation with God my creator who loves me no matter what. Yes I will see the light in the darkness and I will continue to rise to the top. I am grateful to Pastor Nicole for her obedience to God as well as sharing His love! This resource is inspirational, encouraging, and powerful!

Cannot put this book down! It is not the author, but me speaking to God through her. Simple truths that will shock you. Good came “new” looking!

I absolutely adore Nicole Crank and her heart for the body of Christ. Both of her Hi God books are like reading letters from your best friend every single day. There have been times that I have been spent and ready to cry then I pick up my book and Nicole and God are there to meet me. I love how these book are so relatable and easy to read. Thank you, Nicole for sharing your love!

I came across Nicole Crank late October. And since then I’ve learned so much from her. I learned that it’s ok to talk to God about the tough stuff you don’t have to be perfect in his presence. He is near to the broken-hearted. This book just really allowed me to open up to God. Using the prayers in here as a base and then opening up about my life. It’s really spectacular!
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